Consumer Goods

The term “consumer goods” encompasses a heterogenic group of products:
  • Food contact materials are items and materials which have contact with foods, e.g. food packaging, dishes as well as food production machinery
  • Consumer goods are items which have contact with mucous membranes and the human body, e.g. personal hygiene products, textiles, toys and many other products. Cleaning products and detergents are also included insofar as they are distinct from biocides.
Food Contact Materials
Our areas of specialization:
  • Legal requirements especially regarding packaging materials,
  • Applicability of recommendations (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), European Commission, associations),
  • Certificate of conformity and raw materials specifications.
We verify and assess chemical analytical findings, e.g. migration tests, and if appropriate recommend further tests. We cooperate with renowned laboratories in conducting such an analysis.

Consumer Goods
We also verify the composition of your products, if necessary, pursuant to the:
  • European Directive on Toys,
  • German Equipment and Product Safety Act (Geräte- und Produktsicherheitsgesetz),
  • German Act on Detergents and Cleaning Products (Wasch- und Reinigungsmittelgesetz),
  • German Act on Toxic Substances Control (Chemikaliengesetz).
Upon your request we review or draw up your product labelling.

Risk Assessment
With regard to individual ingredients and potential contaminates, we conduct a substance evaluation and a risk analysis, especially in case of complaints or where damage has occurred.