You end up in a situation as part of your business where expertise is required:

  • You receive an official complaint?
  • You are being challenged by the competition?
  • You are looking for sound advice to assist in decision-making?
  • You want to convince your customers?
  • You need counter evidence / a second expert opinion?

We prepare the scientific facts for you and provide them as an expert report. As experts we not only contribute many years of experience to your affairs but are also trained to clearly and comprehensibly summarise the results.

Our expert reports may refer to individual issues or your product and its marketability.

Current focuses are:

  • Analysing plant materials, so-called "botanicals"
  • Delimitation issues for pharmaceuticals / medical products
  • Scientifically backing up health claims
  • Novel food
  • Safe dosage of nutrients, vitamins, trace elements
  • Conformity of food contact materials