Authorisation proceedings

The authorisation of food is not required per se with marketing, unlike with pharmaceuticals. Food legislation determines the framework in which you can move freely as an entrepreneur. If you would like to be innovative and develop new ingredients, substances and products it is important to know whether authorisation is necessary for this. We have many years of experience with national and European authorisation procedures and can support you in legally and successfully marketing a new product, substance or ingredient.

We offer you comprehensive consultancy including the preparation of applications and dossiers and the required communication with authorities for:

  • Food additives, enzymes and flavourings
  • Novel foods
  • Nutrients and supplements
  • Substances for ecological production
  • Health claims

Authorisation of novel food, new food additives and health claims

Authorisation proceedings are inevitable with a new technological additive or undoubtedly innovative food ingredient, a so-called novel food. Classification as a novel food is often quite controversial. Therefore we clarify for you in advance whether authorisation is actually required in your case. If it is, then we prepare the application with all the relevant content for you and check that it is complete in terms of scientific relevance. If required, we add to the content with meaningful studies from our research of literature. We do everything to obtain authorisation for your health claim or novel food or make your additive safe!

In addition, we check for you how promising these kinds of authorisation proceedings may be. We look for pragmatic solutions to enable the reliable and prompt marketing of your product.

Our service for you:

  • Checking feasibility and the prospects of success
  • Scientific research and documentation
  • Analysis of scientific literature and your own studies, if applicable
  • Organisation and execution of human trials with our partners
  • Preparation of application dossier, together with your specialist department or on your behalf
  • Support throughout the whole application process
  • Communication with the responsible authorities

Notification procedures, certificates of exemption and general applications

We relieve you of the workload and give notification of your food supplement and dietetic food to the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL). We take care of the certificate of exemption in accordance with Art. 68 German Food and Feed Code or a general application in accordance with Art. 54 German Food and Feed code, if required. We work closely together with the lawyers at the Meisterernst chambers to clarify any legal issues that may arise.