Innovation consultancy


Ideas are perhaps a company's most important resource to meet today's economic challenges combined with cut-throat competition, shrinking profit margins and customers' changing needs.

Together with our customers, SMEs who drive innovation, we create something new: we develop unique products and therefore create space for memorable brands in the world of functional food and food supplements as well as cosmetics. For the market of tomorrow, the RDA team in cooperation with Steiner Projektberatung supports the client with advice, passion and creativity throughout the whole process, from the right strategic focus to the development of ideas and implementation.

The RDA innovation strategy

  • Developing a tailor-made marketing strategy with a viable concept substantiated by a wealth of ideas, efficiency and market relevance
  • SWOT analyses to identify strengths and weaknesses as well as opportunities and risks
  • Generating areas of opportunity for new products in established or new markets
  • Identifying needs and raising the interest of potential target groups
  • Creativity is the driving force behind the development of innovative products
  • Consistent project management from the idea to implementation to get the product ready for the market just in time
  • Support in working out legally watertight but sales-boosting wording.