RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH is a professional service provider who supports you with everything to do with food and nutrition.

We check your products for marketability and issue certificates of free sale afterwards. Checking not only includes a safe recipe in terms of both food legislation requirements and toxicological aspects but also the aspects and sub-areas listed below:

We clarify the issue of the food category (product status) for you as it is not always obvious whether the planned product is classified as a food supplement, fortified food or as a food for certain consumer groups.

In addition, we clarify for you whether the limit for pharmaceuticals is already exceeded or whether it is a novel food requiring authorisation (delimitation issues).

It is not just about the labelling and regulations. Together with you we develop the overall appearance of your product from the packaging text to advertising using impact statements in brochures and on websites. Whether it be a one-off label check or continuous support throughout product development, RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH supports you professionally in a goal-oriented way. In doing so, possible information relating to health and nutritional values (health claims) are also researched by us.

If it should emerge that authorisation proceedings are necessary for successful marketing, we prepare a tailor-made authorisation dossier for you and support you throughout the authorisation proceedings.

We are also happy to assist you with marketing your products, e.g. by checking advertising materials and websites.