RDA Scientific Consultants GmbH

Customers & references


Our customers include SMEs and multinational corporations from the food and pharmaceuticals industries, as well as the cosmetics industry. These include manufacturers of raw materials as well as reputable sellers of products for end consumers.

Food supplements: our customer base includes national and international corporations for whom we regularly test the products' recipes and adapt the labelling to the latest regulations.

Food additives: consultancy and involvement in preparing the dossier for three new food additives and support for authorisation proceedings. Application for magnesium citrate (TMDC) as food additive. Regular consultancy on switching to new European legislation on additives (FIAP), e.g. with regards to new food categories and their descriptors.

Novel food: besides discussing numerous enquiries about novel food and the technological processes themselves, we regularly advise companies on specific novel food authorisation proceedings. We conduct the literature search, organize analyses and studies and prepare the dossiers for applications to establish substantial equivalence and for full applications.

Food Enzymes: Compilation and filing of several application dossiers for international costumers by the closing date of 11 March 2015, actually evaluation in progress.

Health claims: preparation of references and applications as part of class action for various statements, including two successfully approved so far (kreatin and physical performance and walnuts and blood vessels); dossier preparation for individual action, e.g. for the baby food industry.